You may be asking yourself, "How do I subscribe to all the amazing content that is being posted on this blog? I can't follow it like on a social media site, what is a person TO DO?!?!?!?"

Allow me to aid you, good reader. There is a protocol (that's not a scary word, it's a beautiful word) that allows you to get live updates about what's happening on this blog without ever creating an account or giving any data away to anyone.

It's called RSS. It is wonderful.

To use RSS, you'll want an RSS feed reader, which are pretty easy to find. If you're using Chrome or Firefox, Feedbro is a free extension that can get you started. There are also many other feed readers out there and I'm sure you can find one to meet your taste.

For those who are new to RSS, rest assured that it's a mature technology that is easy to use, and, like I said, requires you to give up no information about yourself. To set up a subscription, simply copy this link to create a new feed in your reader, and that's it.

On this particular blog, you can do tricks by making feeds for specific tags. For example, if you only want to get posts that are related to novels you can use this link in your feed reader: You can change where the URL says "novels" to any of the tags on the site to create a feed of just that tag.

Another way you can keep up with my posts is through Patreon. I post stuff on there before it goes live on this website, so consider that.